It’s Britney, bitch!

As Britney Spears revealed the title of her new album to London’s Capital FM Radio several days ago, I kept thinking how far she’s come. Maybe she’s not considered one of the greatest pop stars anymore, but still, gone are the days when crazy-furious and as-bald-as-it-gets Brit would attack a paparazzo and smash his car with her umbrella. And thank God for that!

After losing custody of her children, years of checking in and out of rehab clinics, too many failed performances and even more “my eyes are hurting” kind of video clips, Britney finally looks herself again. Her 8th studio album, Britney Jean (if you thought about MJ you’re not the only one, but there’s a different explanation to it), promises to get her career back on track.

Personally, I don’t really like the debut single Work Bitch, but clearly its clip reveals a side of Britney that we love. Fit, beautiful and most of all healthy, Brit flaunts the stronger side that lies in every woman. The lyrics might sound stupid and maybe a bit insulting, -fake- girl power and all, but I have to admit this is quite a descent comeback.

* Britney Jean is due out December 3.


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