Avril Lavigne album not that bad, after all (Review)

After months of anticipation and several singles paving its way since last April, Avril Lavigne’s self titled fifth studio album is finally here.

Here’s To Never Growing Up and Rock N Roll were the first songs to be released off the album, giving us a somewhat deceptive taste of what it would be like. Their pop-punk vibe that reminded us of old school Avril singing Sk8er Boi in her teens almost had us believing that this would be another teen pop disaster.

Thankfully, this is not the case. 17, Bitchin’ Summer and Sippin’ On Sunshine are a fine example of that. All three of them have a summerish kind of spirit going on, which is really fun, in a non silly kind of way. It seems strange for early November, but the album was supposed to be released months ago. -we hold no grudge, since the Canadian singer was busy planning her wedding to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger.

On that unfortunate note, Let Me Go, which features Lavigne’s new husband, does not exactly fit into the category of a good ballad. Falling Fast, Hush Hush and my favourite, Give You What You Like, are far more emotional and worth listening to, instead.

The one thing we definitely did not see coming (that is unless you’d heard it before) is the Avril Lavigne-Marilyn Manson collaboration. That’s right! Bad Girl somehow manages to combine both artists’ musical styles into one song, with the outcome actually not sounding weird! (Although I am still wondering why it sounds like Blondie’s Call Me at some points…)

Hello Kitty is what I would call the disgrace of this album (who names a song like that, anyway?) and You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet made me not want to see anything else, ever.

Overall, I believe Avril Lavigne is a very descent comeback, although it would be hard to beat 2011’s Goodbye Lullaby. It’s only fair; break up songs are always more meaningful than “wedding ones”. If you’re opting for something more exciting than this, then maybe you’ll have to wait until her next divorce comes out… I know I will.


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