Hanson live at the IndigO2 (8/12/13)

Wondering where these boys have been over the last decade or maybe more? I kind of wasn’t, since I knew Hanson were still making music with many many albums ever since MMMBop when some of you decided to abandon them (too soon, if you ask me).

Anyway, I’m not such a devoted fan myself, since the last time I heard a full album of theirs and not just singles here and there, was in 2004, with Underneath. I always admired them, though, for all the things they have accomplished at such a young age. However, I thought I would be one of the few people who still believe that, since the Middle of Nowhere days of success are long gone… or so I thought.

I was really excited to see them live and I kept thinking to myself “Great, I’ll be in the front row; how many Hanson maniacs will there be, after all?” Apparently, a lot! Arriving at the IndigO2 in London I discovered the place was more than crowded. All these people had arrived especially for Hanson not only from other parts of London, but also from other cities like Cardiff!

It seems the brothers from Oklahoma never lost their big crowds, and fans kept dancing and singing all night long. I would never imagine that I would be put in the position of the “concert-outsider” –you know; the one that only knows the lyrics to the “hits” and gladly nods along to everything else, while all the others are able to sing each and every “oh” that comes out of the singer’s mouth.

Still, Hanson were just awesome. They managed to make everyone dance, even people like me who knew too little of their last three albums. Of course, they performed some “oldies”, too, such as This Time AroundWhere’s the Love, Weird or With You In Your Dreams. My favourite moment would have to be A Minute Without You. So many childhood memories tied to this song…

If I had to choose one drawback for this whole concert, this would be the venue. I hated IndigO2 so much, that I want to inform each and every person living in London or planet earth, to never ever ever ever step foot in this place. Unless you want to become deaf, that is. Damaged speakers that emitted the most awful distorted sound you could ever hear and broken mics that had Taylor running frustrated to find another one were enough to make me hate it.

My right ear is seriously damaged ever since and while my hearing is gradually starting to recover (after one week) I’m still in a little pain. The songs and the voices of the brothers were so beautiful… but no; the IndigO2 had this master-plan to distort the hell out of them, while ruining our fun.

If you happen to go to IndigO2 keep as far away as you can from the speakers. But all I would say is: Just DON’T GO.  N E V E R.

If you get a chance to see Hanson live somewhere else though, by all means, do.


2 thoughts on “Hanson live at the IndigO2 (8/12/13)”

  1. hahahahahaha!!! Amazing article, and the IndigO2 horrible!!!!!!!!!!! You forgot to mention that at one point we couldn’t even understand the lyrics coming out of the boys’ mouths because the speakers emitted a united “aaaaaaaaaaaa” sound! Terrible venue.

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