Fall Out Boy release “Death Valley” music video

Christmas is probably the most boring time of the year music-wise… There’s practically nothing new coming out. Music websites, blogs or magazines, all make their Christmas music lists, obviously since there’s nothing else to write about.

Then, there’s Fall Out Boy and their visual album! The band released their eighth single Death Valley, out of Save Rock and Roll.

I’ve been meaning to comment on that album for a while now. But since Beyoncé’s latest visual album is out, I guess now is the time to point out some things.

Fall Out Boy were so kind as to release the music videos for the tracks one by one and not as a whole like Beyoncé did. In that way, we’re still waiting for the remaining three songs of the album, with the same level of anticipation.

In fact, Death Valley is one of my favourite tracks out of Save Rock and Roll, despite having listened to (and seen) seven others before that. (My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark is just perfect.)

So, why giving your fans a heart attack when you can simply release all songs gradually? That way, they can really appreciate the album and the music videos more, as a story that slowly unfolds with a process behind it. Otherwise, it’s like you’ve dumped some songs and vids and expect us to absorb them in one day…

Moreover, Fall Out Boy gave us the chance to watch the album on YouTube without actually having to buy it. For Beyoncé, I guess it’s no iTunes, no party…

Anyway, I think I prefer traditional albums, but now that everyone’s going “visual”, I guess some people follow the trend better than others…

* Watch Save Rock and Roll: The Young Blood Chronicles here


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