Please, let Justin Bieber retire

When Justin Bieber told Power 106 FM radio that he is about to retire, I was too excited to write about it. Besides, there was this smile hiding beneath his serious face which gave away that he was joking. No one took him seriously so, unfortunately, how could I?

Then, his manager went on to confirm that the singer was in fact kidding, adding to my misery. But yesterday, the sun was shining again! Bieber announced through his twitter account that his retirement is official!

Only to confuse us even more with a post an hour later saying he’s never leaving his fans… (the “beliebers”-there, I said it)

Oh come on! When is this confusion going to end? Why won’t he retire? (Why am I monitoring his twitter account for the past 24 hours instead of partying?)

The kid made up his mind, let’s not prolong the inevitable. Either way, someday, children will hopefully grow older and realise he’s too ridiculous to be called an artist. And then, I will be counting on a smarter new generation…


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