Barely commenting on Golden Globes…

Apparently, it’s what everyone’s been talking about, so how could I not? Yeah yeah… the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards took place last night at the Beverly Hilton, with celebs in their most glamorous outfits lighting up the red carpet.

By now, we’ve all seen the winners, from traditionally-Golden-Globe-nominated-not-good-enough-for-Oscars Leonardo DiCaprio (I knew he ruled as a ‘comedy actor’) to Jared Leto (way to go man!). We’ve also observed –and wished we owned- countless gowns, of which I must say I adored pregnant Olivia Wilde’s green sequined Gucci as well as Taylor Swift’s pink and black Caroline Herrera.

We clearly saw Jennifer Lawrence “photobombing” a lot of celebs like Taylor Swift during her interview with Ryan Seacrest and we definitely heard all about Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s jokes, which to me, didn’t seem that funny (but that’s another story).

I admit, the “And now, like a supermodel’s vagina, let’s all give a warm welcome to Leonardo DiCaprio” comment was priceless. (You will have to excuse me for using “priceless” in a sentence, but this time it’s the only word that actually fits- even without the annoying hashtag.)

So no, you won’t get an extended commentary from me on the Golden Globes. Why? Because it’s late and we’ve already seen EVERYTHING we would possibly ever want to know. Besides, it’s all on E! Online and you can have a more extended look.

(By the way, giving U2 a Golden Globe? Smart move… What’s next? Justin Bieber getting a Grammy?)


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