Pop-screamo revival: Was that ever even a thing?

I just read an article on Alternative Press about how emo has found a place into our hearts again (funny thing, I haven’t noticed). Apparently, a pop-screamo revival is also bound to take place over the next few years.

First of all, I was never too much into emo, except for the emo-for-just-a-while My Chemical Romance, who also proved to be brilliant in different styles of music with each and every album that they made; and sadly, may they rest in peace. But this new “rage” that’s supposed to be happening with emo… I’m not feeling it.

However, if it is true as Alternative Press suggests, should we also expect a pop-screamo revival? And what is defined as pop-screamo? Again, since I’m a bit clueless on the subject, I will quote AP: “Poppy emo music with screaming in it that captured mainstream attention in the mid-2000s.”

It actually doesn’t sound that bad, given the fact that The Used could fit into that category. I tend to enjoy the occasional screaming now and then, so bring it on! I wouldn’t really know the difference between pop-punk and pop-screamo in some cases but if it sounds anything like Fall Out Boy (in a “screamier” version) or You Me At Six (as their older “screamier” selves), then I’m definitely in!


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