The Used release “Cry” music video

Now there’s a band I haven’t seen in a while! I know their latest album was released in 2012, so maybe I wasn’t paying attention… Or maybe this one looks more promising!

The Used just released the music video for the single Cry out of their upcoming Imaginary Enemy album. The band seems to have left the pop punk days behind, introducing a new alternative rock image. There’s a hint of electro beats in there somewhere, which I didn’t like, but I have to admit; I was immediately blown away by this track.

Apart from Bert’s hair which I totally love this way, it appears to me that The Used are reinventing themselves by trying something different. Without losing their identity along the way, this song can really capture the fact that they’ve grown older; in a good way.

I pay my respects to the screaming, by the way.

* Imaginary Enemy is expected for release on April 1, 2014.


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