Throwback Thursday!

When I’m feeling down, I tend to revel in my sadness by listening to depressing music. Today, though, before I give in to my Silverchair phase, I decided to listen to the frontman’s ex-wife, instead!

Natalie Imbruglia’s Glorious is definitely the song to listen when you’re feeling down (since most people would rather turn their mood around). This 2007 track out of the singer’s Greatest Hits album is bound to make your day!

“I’ve got nothing to hide and I’ve got nothing to lose… but you.”


4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday!”

  1. I saw the still from the music video and thought “ahh”, but then clicked it and listened to it and realised it wasn’t the song I had thought it was. I realised I’d made a big mistake.
    But luckily Natalie has that covered.

    1. haha You’re right, there was some mix-up with Silverchair’s “Miss You Love”, I guess because I had linked it to the word Silverchair inside the text 😛 Maybe I should have just posted Silverchair instead!haha!I tried to avoid depression but apparently, it wants to take over my blog! 😛 “Miss You Love” is one of my favourite SIlverchair songs by the way, maybe I’ll post it next Thursday 🙂

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