Vampire Weekend: Is this what the indie scene was waiting for?

So these guys won a Grammy award for the best alternative music album just a couple of weeks ago and I thought… I’ve never heard what Vampire Weekend sounds like. Is there an association to The Vampire Diaries or Twilight? Or maybe both? Of course it had nothing to do with vampires.

As always in this category, I try to be as objective as I can, which actually comes natural, since it only involves bands I’ve heard nothing or little about. This is what I intended to do with this one, too.

Therefore, in an attempt to always see the good in bands (and luckily or not, in people) I listened to Diane Young, a single out of the band’s Grammy-winning Modern Vampires of the City album. Although I was glad there was no Vampire Diaries or Twilight reference, my attempt somehow remained an attempt, as I struggled to find something nice about the song.

A lot of you enjoy this indie stuff and I don’t mean to judge but it takes a lot of effort for an indie band to sound too different from another of its kind. Of course that happens with all genres, but still; indie can become an easy territory if you just want to be admired without actually contributing something really special to the music world. Now that hipsters are all over the place, who wouldn’t want to declare themselves an “indie expert”?

So there’s this “I want to sound weird so I sing weird lyrics” vibe, combined with guitar and –if we’re lucky enough- a pretty nice voice. I am sorry, but Vampire Weekend seem to be doing the same thing as everyone else… I’m sure the Academy behind the Grammys would not agree with me but I really don’t care.

And to be fair, I also listened to their A-Punk single, which sort of reminded me of a bad Strokes or Kings of Leon imitation; so again, nothing new. Another indie band…? Yes, that’s exactly what the world needs right now… Of course, as always, this is my humble opinion and you can beg to differ.


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