Some late thoughts on the Oscars…

I usually think it’s no fun commenting on award shows, unless there’s something really interesting that’s happened. This year’s Oscars were obviously exciting, all thanks to Ellen DeGeneres who made this ceremony hilarious. From handing out pizzas to snapping a record-breaking selfie, that woman can definitely turn a boring Oscars night into a party; her, and Pharrell Williams’s Happy performance.

However, I wouldn’t want to comment on the winners, since I’m no movie expert; and besides, when were the Oscars really fair?? But of course, I can’t help but state the obvious… Is Leo EVER going to win an Oscar? When I watched Wolf of Wall Street, I somehow believed this was the year… But apparently, the Academy had someone else in mind. I admit Matthew McConaughey is great, but Leo deserved it and it’s as simple as that.

Jared Leto was also lucky enough to win his first Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, thanks to his transgender role right next to McConaughey in the Dallas Buyers Club film; or not exactly lucky, just extremely talented. So for this reason and only I might just forgive the Academy for not giving DiCaprio an award… And giving it some extra thought, I imagine there must be some kind of feud between Leo and them; otherwise, it makes no sense…

For one funny last treat, you can watch Jared Leto’s press conference in the Oscars Winners Room. That man’s a genius!


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