Jennifer Lopez becomes the “man” in new music video

If 44-year-old Jennifer Lopez still looks like that, I am sure we can ignore how awful this song sounds! The Latin diva released the music video for her new song I Luh Ya Papi and my feelings are mixed…

For some, getting older is a curse; Jennifer Lopez is definitely not one of those people! This woman looks impressive in all of her videos and over the last five years or so, she has become even more stunning. I don’t know if it’s her make-up artist, her stylist or simply Botox. And I really don’t care; I simply pay my respects to the outcome.

As far as the song is concerned, I know she has gone all RnB lately, but this is too much, even for her. Then again, the concept of the video, where instead of half naked girls, we get to see half naked men for a change, is definitely a first in the history of RnB or rap videos! So it’s actually kind of fun. But still, Jen is probably the one to notice, even for us girls. (Out of admiration and jealousy of course…)

There are also some ‘throwback’ moments in the video with Jennifer wearing an outfit that echoes her 2002 Grammys Versace dress as well as scenes that remind us of some of her older videos, such as I’m Real.

Man she is good at making us forget how awful this sounds. Image is everything these days… Almost.


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