New Michael Jackson album to be released in May

The King of Pop might be dead, but his voice clearly isn’t! Producer L.A. Reid confirmed that new material from Michael Jackson will be coming out this May.

According to the Rolling Stone, the Epic Records’ CEO went through Jackson’s personal four-decade archive and managed to find songs that included completed vocals. Xscape, which will be the name of the album, will include eight previously unheard tracks.

The songs will be curated by L.A. Reid, Timbaland, as well as many more producers who will give them a more ‘contemporised’ sound. Let’s hope this works, or Epic Records will have to face the rage of Jackson’s crazy fans and you don’t want to mess with that!

But even with this ‘contemporised’ version of the tracks, which I’m guessing may contain some unwanted RnB elements, I think people will be happy to just listen to Jacko sing again.

* Michael Jackson’s Xscape is due out on May 13 but it will be available online from tomorrow.


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