Eminem celebrates Mother’s Day with new ‘Headlights’ video

In case you don’t know, which I highly doubt, Eminem’s relationship with his mother hasn’t been exactly ideal. The rapper has been accusing her of making his and his brother’s life miserable in every single one of his albums, with Cleanin’ Out My Closet being the ultimate ‘I hate my mum’ track (epic song, epic clip)! It’s also the one that urged Debbie Mathers to file a lawsuit against her son…

But now, things have finally changed and Eminem seems to have left all that drama behind, by letting go of everything his mother has ever done to him (and if you are a true fan, then you know it’s a lot!) The rapper released the music video for his single Headlights, out of The Marshall Mathers LP2, just in time for Mother’s Day.

Em is looking back on the good and the bad and decides to forgive his mum while he’s driving away from her and moving on… The beautiful voice of Fun’s Nate Ruess compliments the rhymes nicely. At this point, I have a complaint to make: in the video, we don’t get to hear the last verse of the song, sung by Ruess, which actually makes it even more sentimental. Such a shame… You can hear it here, though, if you want.


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