5 Seconds of Summer unleash their superhero moves (or not)

Apparently, 5 Seconds of Summer are the latest trend, but sadly I’m not feeling it. The Australian band which was formed in 2011 is practically everywhere these days, so I decided to give it a go for the sake of my Bands I know nothing about category…

Apart from the fact that all the members are too young and they sort of sound (and look) like a rock-ier version of One Direction, there’s really not much to comment on the music… The singer’s voice is actually nice and they’ve got that pop-punk vibe going on, only in its sillier form (kind of like early McFly); but then, those are characteristics of other bands too.

So why the fuss? MTV seems pretty keen on promoting them and I’ll never know why… Either way, 5 Seconds of Summer revealed the music video for their new single, Don’t Stop, just today, so you can take a look. It’s actually funny, which makes the song interesting; even if it’s not, really…

(Also, with 30 Seconds to Mars around, who would name their band 5 Seconds of Summer?)


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