Kaiser Chiefs’ amazing new side

I really didn’t know what else to name this blog post. I just came across Kaiser Chiefs’ latest video clip for their new single, Meanwhile Up In Heaven, and I think it’s great. I haven’t had the chance to listen to the whole Education, Education, Education & War album yet, although it’s been on my to-do list forever! But judging from the first two singles (including Coming Home) I must say I’m impressed.

First of all I love Ricky Wilson’s sort of extreme makeover. Seriously, I was struggling to make sure it’s him in the video for the last ten minutes. Obviously, it’s hard to tell, when he’s looking gorgeous and yet all beaten up. (I get the point behind the ‘war concept’ but still, it’s a little far-fetched to have it for two videos in a row.)

As far as the music is concerned, the band has clearly evolved a lot over the last few years. Their sound seems more coherent and deeper in terms of background instruments, while Wilson’s voice has apparently improved. Although some might say that they’ve sort of lost their rock, edgier style and maybe become a little more mainstream, I don’t see it that way. All I see is a very mature re-inventing of the band’s identity.

I especially enjoyed Meanwhile Up In Heaven for its lyrics and positive spirit. When did these guys get so philosophical by the way?

(I promise to hear the rest of the album soon and write a review!)


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