Channing Tatum beats Jimmy Fallon in arm wrestling

Jimmy Fallon is known to challenge his famous guests in all kinds of games. So when Channing Tatum stopped by The Tonight Show to promote his new film, 22 Jump Street, there was apparently no better option than arm wrestling!

The actor looks more and more fit as the years go by… Maybe a little too fit, if you ask me! I am having trouble understanding why he’s gotten all bloated in the face and body, so much so, that he is starting to look more like a body builder and less like an actor these days.

In any case, this is definitely what allowed him to beat Fallon with the greatest of ease! (Not that Fallon looks like an athletic kind of guy anyway…) Maybe now Tatum will indeed change his name to “Dick Tugnuts”, who knows! (Although, let’s hope not…)


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