Lily Allen unveils video for ‘URL Badman’

It’s true that I hate most of the songs included in Lily Allen’s latest album, Sheezus. And there came a time when even Lily herself said she hated all of the singles so far, because the company decided to release the worst ones off the album!

It seems the company keeps on doing so, the latest disaster being URL Badman. I get that Allen wanted to complain against all those ‘trollers’ who hate her and unleash their anger online through blog posts or comments. But really, this song is not good. It’s not that it’s unbearable, but it’s not good. In terms of music, at least, because I admit the lyrics are clever and catchy. Also, the video is just awful.

I still believe she has an incredible voice and it’s a shame she uses it to write songs like that, when we’ve used to hearing great tracks from her, such as The Fear or LDN. Besides, her performance at the Glastonbury festival was just impeccable! Somebody please tell her to write new songs… ASAP.

* Watch Lily Allen perform her cover of Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know at Glastonbury 2014.


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