Robbie Williams Swings Both Ways (live at the O2 arena 8-7-14)

I’d never been to a Robbie Williams show before, so now that I’m in London, it was the perfect opportunity for me to finally see him live. I literally adore all of his albums (Take the Crown maybe being my least favourite) so I had always dreamt about going to one of his concerts.

His latest tour is based on his 2013 album, Swings Both Ways, which is his second swing record since 2001’s Swing When You’re Winning. I like swing if I listen to it on the radio getting ready for a party. It’s the kind of music that makes you feel genuinely happy and relaxed. However, it was my first Robbie Williams concert, so I wanted to hear some of his older stuff, too, which I didn’t get the chance to.

He is clearly talented, though, and this was definitely an amazing night; beautiful voice, great show and a lot of Sinatra! People who are really into jazz and swing would enjoy this even more than I did. But still, how I wish I saw him live last year when he performed all of my favourites… Now I only got to hear swing versions of Supreme, Come Undone and Millennium.

Luckily, he performed Go Gentle, off Swings Both Ways, which he wrote for his daughter and which I love. He also closed the set with Angels, in its original version and not in swing, filling me with an overwhelming sense of emotion, as this song always does.

Overall, it was a show worth attending. It could do with a little less swing, but what the hell; that was the concept, after all. Also, some tacky moments with Robbie dressed as a sailor and a monkey or getting married to a fan on stage, could have been omitted!

* Don’t miss the next Swings Both Ways shows at the O2 on the 9th, 11th and 12th of July.


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