Colbie Caillat goes makeup-free for new video

Colbie Caillat revealed the music video for the song Try, off her new EP, Gypsy Heart. The exciting part about this clip is that the singer wanted to portray the natural side of women, who don’t need make-up or Photoshop to look beautiful.

Many female artists have addressed this issue before, saying how especially Photoshop insults them, since no one can be that perfect! Caillat, though, makes an even stronger statement with this music video, in which she and the other women of the clip appear to be wearing no make-up at all.

The singer wrote Try so as to help women realise that they don’t have to follow the instructions of society and men, who expect them to be completely polished every single day if they want to be appreciated personally and professionally.

While this may sound like the usual ‘fake-feminist’ principle that many artists before Caillat have supported, this video seems genuine and it’s certainly interesting. The song itself is also a nice approach to the subject with its simple lyrics and calm music.


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