Paris Hilton (sadly) returns with new music video

And here I thought Britney Spears’ music video for Hold it Against Me was the tackiest ever made! But now, I’m really finding it hard to choose between that and Paris Hilton’s new clip.

First of all, let’s state the obvious; Paris has NO voice. (No matter how obvious it may be, I just felt like sharing it with you). Now, about the video… Where to begin? Unicorns, rainbows and blue angel wings could be what a girl needs. But if you have them all together in one extremely cheesy video clip, then this is far from what you’ve dreamed!

Watching closely, I’m starting to regret having posted this video. But it’s ok; this lady always surprises me in the worst kind of way, which turns out to be entertaining at times… So I’ll give her that. Please someone tell her she looks ridiculous, though.

(Again, this song… and this voice!! Unbearable.)


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