God! What if September is nothing like August?

So this has been a long break. I’m sure you didn’t miss me that much but it’s good to be back anyway! A lot of things have happened during the summer and even more so, these last couple of weeks; most of which I’m finding hard to process!

I’ll start with Taylor Swift’s new music video for her single Shake It Off. Apparently, everyone is quite the racist these days, including Taylor, or more specifically, the director of her video. It seems to me that paying too much attention to colour or creating accusations for ‘objectifying’ women out of nowhere probably means that equal rights are not a given and that they need constant redefining, instead. (This is far more racist than the clip, don’t you think?)

Nevertheless, even Taylor’s SHOCKING music video (again, is she for REAL? Miley should teach her some ethics) could not top Brangelina’s wedding! I couldn’t care less, but since it was so sudden, I had to point it out. That, and the fact that Lorde is apparently the first woman to have won a VMA for best rock video (for her song Royals). Seriously? The first one?? Rock??? Well, I’ll let this one go.

Finally, I listened to Gerard Way’s No Shows and I wouldn’t want to comment on my disappointment (hoping the rest of the album will do justice). On the other hand, Cobra Starship’s Never Been In Love is just the perfect way to start our fall; full of energy and with the ever-beloved ‘90s vibe. (Except for ‘90s fashion, of course -who likes that?)

So have a nice month! (No, I won’t make that Green Day reference no matter how much it kills me inside.)

-By the way, did you hear that Hello Kitty is not a cat?? THE HORROR!

Update/Note: No, I don’t think Taylor Swift’s video is racist, my point was exactly the opposite! I think it’s stupid that some critics saw it as such… Come on, people, would I really suggest that Miley should teach her some ethics?? (This is just to clarify, since a lot of you did not get my message. Just keep in mind that I love Taylor anyway and that sarcasm is probably my middle name!)


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