Muse’s ‘Showbiz’ turns 15!

Showbiz is one of my favourite Muse albums -maybe after Absolution and Origin of Symmetry. The record was released on October 4th 1999 but it is still one of the band’s brightest accomplishments.

Showbiz will always amaze me with its crazy guitar and frontman Matt Bellamy’s exceptional vocals (well, those never change, do they?). Even though it’s Muse’s debut album, it conveyed right from the start the band’s identity and proved their massive talent and potential.

Muscle Museum is the obvious gem of the record with the wonderful screams and the sincere lyrics that it’s hard not to identify with! “I don’t want you to adore me, don’t want you to ignore me when it pleases you…” -Ok, so maybe Muse were talking about their early non-successful times but still, this could easily be referring to your ex if you think about it! (Just sayin’…)

The beautiful Unintended, Sunburn‘s internal agony and the somewhat cruel -but also quite true- Uno are three more reasons to love this band straight from the beginning of their career. But from my point of view, no song could ever live up to the greatness of Showbiz! (I might be overreacting here but you get my point.) This track is why I love this album and the reason why I will never understand Muse’s current disregard for guitars!

Much to my surprise, though, Bellamy recently revealed that the band will be focusing more on guitars and drums and less on electronic beats for their forthcoming album. Until then, let’s hold on to their rockier side with Showbiz

* Muse’s new album is expected for release in 2015.


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