Gwen Stefani dives in technicolor for new music video

It seems more and more artists are now embracing the playful (and sometimes a bit too colourful) ‘90s vibe. Gwen Stefani revealed the video for her new single Baby, don’t lie, which couldn’t be ‘pop-ier’!

The ever-stylish No Doubt front-woman is back with a new track and an upcoming solo album, eight years after The Sweet Escape. If you loved her older Alice in Wonderland theme, then this one will also blow your mind! The singer is trapped in what seems to be a modern Wizard of Oz reality, where everything is bright and shiny and for some reason… polka dotted!

Overall, Baby, don’t lie is a nice preview of what’s to come. I love this crazy pop side of Gwen, which probably works best when she’s solo. -I prefer No Doubt in their rockier days, rather than their latest Push and Shove (2012) era.

(There are only so many polka dots one can handle, but don’t you just love her style?)


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