She & Him to release ‘Classics’ album

By now, we know how much Zooey Deschanel loves anything vintage and especially the ‘60s. The actress/singer has also demonstrated this through her music on many occasions.

She & Him, the band she’s founded with M. Ward, are ready to release their fifth studio album, Classics, which includes covers of 13 timeless songs recorded live. One of those is Dusty Springfield’s Stay Awhile, originally released in 1964. I can’t really imagine a more fitting voice than Zooey Deschanel’s for this record.

The most amazing part is the band’s website, though. Once you visit the front page, you discover an old radio box that’s waiting to be tuned. You may as well ignore the social media to the left and tune it to the 1200 AM station to listen to Stay Awhile the old-fashioned way! (OK, almost old-fashioned.)

Do you remember The Strokes doing something similar with their website a hundred years ago, or is it just me? Well, I guess it wasn’t that fancy, compared to this one.

* She & Him’s Classics is due for release on December 2nd.


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