Taylor Swift talks boyfriends and fans with David Letterman

Taylor Swift is definitely one to ‘over-share’ when it comes to her personal relationships. A lot of her ex-boyfriends have ended up on a piece of paper, trapped in her cruel lyrics. (Some of them maybe deserved this, if you ask me!)

But I’ve always liked the fact that she’s a true songwriter and her lyrics do come from the heart, expressing honest feelings and sometimes the harsh reality. However, appearing on David Letterman’s Late Show yesterday, the singer said that she’s not really searching for a boyfriend at the moment.

Does this mean that all her inspiration is gone? Judging from her new album, 1989, I can safely say it’s still there! (And I will write a review to back it up, soon!) I just loved Letterman’s take on this: “Guys, just, generally are jerks!” Ohhh… How can we argue that?

Plus, you should check what Taylor said about her 1989 secret sessions and the fact that she performed her new album for 89 fans who came to each of her houses in various cities. Before you say anything, is it her fault that she can afford so many houses?  She even cooked for them! I mean, when it comes to ‘fan bonding’, I’m sure no one could top that.



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