Linkin Park live at the O2 Arena (23-11-14)

There is a reason why I haven’t given up on Linkin Park just yet and why I don’t intend to any time soon; it’s called ‘epic live performances’!

Although I don’t really like their latest album, The Hunting Party, and I’ve actually said that several times, I had seen Linkin Park live twice in the past and I knew that they could never disappoint. So visiting the O2 Arena last night, I was certain that LP would perform great, as usual, even though I didn’t find standing tickets at a reasonable price and I had to sit down and watch. (Until I got up and started singing and screaming from my seat, that is.)

As expected, the band was more than great. Chester Bennington has a way of making people jump up and down, even right there at their seats (something which sadly didn’t happen when I saw 30 Seconds to Mars live last year, also seated). His voice was once again impeccable and his endless energy throughout the show was something of a miracle. Of course, none of it came as a surprise to me, but still, this amazing night proved my point once again; Linkin Park guarantees you a fun night, no matter how many shitty albums you have to endure over the years…

The surprising thing about the setlist was the fact that the band managed to include almost all of the fans’ favourites, like Numb, Somewhere I Belong, Faint, Leave Out All The Rest and some Hybrid Theory beloved ones like In The End, Papercut and With you (which was such an unexpected treat!) while promoting their new album, with a selection of its most worthy songs (no matter how few these might be…). Final Masquerade is one of my favourite off The Hunting Party and its live version was simply magical.

Some awkward moments did occur, though, when Castle of Glass somehow turned into a disco hit with beats that resembled an aerobics session (why??), or those moments when Chester’s voice sounded so high-pitched that I thought a girl was taking over! – I’m blaming the mic for that…

I know people have written this band off but I still refuse to do so… Do you want to know why? Book tickets to a Linkin Park show and you’ll see for yourselves. If you’re standing in the crowd while Chester is screaming to death and you’re still feeling nothing, you’re dead inside. But either way, ‘it doesn’t even matter’, because they still rule.


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