Josh Farro reveals debut clip with new band

Most of you got acquainted with the former Paramore guitarist through the words of Hayley Williams, when she used to yell “Hey, Joshhh!!” introducing Josh Farro’s guitar solo in Misery Business.

Of course, it’s been a long time since then and the Farro brothers left the group back in 2010. Now both of them seem to have moved on musically; Zac created his own project, HalfNoise, and Josh recently formed a new band, named Farro. (Umm… He could have given this a little more thought…)

The band has now released their debut single, Color Rush, which came with an unusually bright music video (although I wasn’t surprised given the title of the song). Sadly, I’m not so fond of this new sound. Maybe it’s because I’ve always liked the Farro brothers as Paramore bandmates, but, either way, there’s nothing original about this track… Who knows what the future holds, though.

(By the way, I liked Zac Farro’s project better…)


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