Kid Rock looks back on his ‘First Kiss’

Ohhh… Some things never change… One of them is definitely Kid Rock! This man keeps on releasing the same track in different versions for years and although this statement might sound harsh, I mean no harm.

Really, Kid Rock has always been a very fun personality for me (and my sister) to criticise, mostly because of his extravagant looks (which once involved red sweatpants and too much bling); he basically made my ‘90s just a little bit more interesting! But the truth is I never really admired his talent or particularly loved any of his songs.

During the last decade though, I’ve come to realise that the man simply loves what he does and he surely deserves respect for making country-rock seem so generic yet oddly fun and rock and roll! So now that Kid Rock’s back with a new single I couldn’t help but comment on it.

First Kiss, off the singer’s upcoming album, is surely no masterpiece. Of course, it’s nothing new either, sounding very similar to All Summer Long -which was a mash-up of Sweet Home Alabama and Werewolves of London anyway. Nevertheless, I enjoyed his take on first love and the innocence that always comes with it. (Who says we can’t have that still, by the way? Well, he’s 43 so what do I know?)


One thought on “Kid Rock looks back on his ‘First Kiss’”

  1. Nice happy song but the lyrics….. we’ve heard them before in a million other songs…. even the tune sounds familiar!

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