All Time Low reveal ‘Kids In The Dark’ music video

All Time Low have released a new track off their upcoming Future Hearts album and it seems they’ve left zombies behind and opted for something happier instead!

While I love the fact that the clip is as neon as it gets, I must say I’m not that impressed with the song. Kids In The Dark sounds like a classic pop-punk track that we’ve heard somewhere before.

The truth is the band has shown that they can do a lot more than that. The lead single, Something’s Gotta Give, certainly prepared us for something better – all zombies aside!

In any case, I fell in love with All Time Low when I saw them live a few weeks ago and I’m sure the next album will be as fun as the previous ones. Can’t wait!

* Future Hearts is due for release on April 6.


4 thoughts on “All Time Low reveal ‘Kids In The Dark’ music video”

  1. Totally agree. Boring song. I really like something’s gotta give and I can’t find sth better than that. (From this band I mean).

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