Brandon Flowers reveals ‘Can’t Deny My Love’ clip

The Killers frontman has unveiled the music video for his new single, where he could easily pass for a 17th century ‘Puritan Englishman’!

Can’t Deny My Love will be featured in Brandon Flowers’ upcoming solo album, The Desired Effect, while the video is based on American writer Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story, Young Goodman Brown. As it turns out, the setting couldn’t feel more ‘vintage’!

Although the story seems interesting, I wouldn’t say the same for the song, which sounds a bit too familiar to be honest – or for Flowers’ hair which is just odd! (Yeah, I know, 17th century and all, but still.) I guess I prefer The Killers days…

Plus, Evan Rachel Wood? Again? I never found her acting exceptional and maybe that’s why you’ll see her starring more in music videos than films these days… But who am I to judge?

* The Desired Effect by Brandon Flowers is due for release on 18 May 2015.


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