Rihanna gets in serious ‘killer mode’ for her new clip

While we’re used to seeing Rihanna in racy music videos, her latest one must be the most NSFW to date! Bitch Better Have My Money is pretty much Rihanna in the role of a hitwoman being naked and moody most of the time.

What a delightful combination for her male fans, but not such a treat for us humble viewers who are standing there watching this and thinking “What the f**k will she come up with next to gain more popularity?”

I’ll admit it’s a nice concept to go with this song – which is already sort of obscene and musically tasteless, by the way… But, direction points aside, this doesn’t get my vote.

I know that many of you will disagree but, hell, that’s what a blog is all about! I’m expecting your comments underneath.


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