Prince Charming’s bro to hit the big screen!

After the recent Maleficent and Cinderella movies, yet another live-action Disney film is expected to make the fans of the classics rejoice. As Variety reports, this time, it’s all about Cinderella’s man, or rather, his brother!

That’s right; let Disney set the scene from the man’s perspective for once! No more shoes made of glass or shiny carriages/pumpkins. It’s time to tell Prince Charming’s story. And even more so, his brother’s, who – as it turns out – was the black sheep of the family.

Obviously, his is a much more interesting side of the tale, since he’s not the one with all the charm. So the film will be following the brother’s struggles as he tries to live up to the family name. While Charming’s natural charisma raises the bar high, we might actually see the underdog get the girl for once! Can’t wait.

(By the way, I love how Disney is showing alternative versions of the fairytales that we’ve loved so much and, just as Maleficent, I’m guessing this should be a success!)


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