twenty one pilots have done it again!

If you follow my blog, you should know by now that my little ‘twenty one pilots obsession’ is growing by the minute. Is it ok that I love this band without being able to explain why?

It’s just one of those cases when the music is not normally the kind of sound that you would be excited about, and yet, there is a certain appeal to it that gets you addicted!

That’s what twenty one pilots is for me; and single by single, I adore them even more. Each track is different and uniquely splendid. The band have now unveiled the video for Lane Boy, off their extremely successful Blurryface album and it’s even crazier than the previous ones!

Apart from the fact that the song will make you want to casually throw your hands up in the air and experience a great sense of freedom, the clip features one of the band’s most dynamic live performances ever. Man I wish I was in that crowd!

“They say stay in your lane boy, lane boy, but we go where we want to.” Hell yeah!

P.S. I just realised I’d been spelling their name slightly wrong in previous posts… Sorry, lower case can be a bit confusing!


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