Kanye West to be this year’s MTV Video Vanguard Award recipient

Apparently, Kanye West has been such a progressive and powerful addition to the music industry that MTV decided to honour him with one of its greatest awards.

According to the music channel’s statement, “Throughout his career, West has blended musical and visual artistry to powerful effect. From his trilogy of videos for ‘Jesus Walks’, to the mind-bending animation of ‘Heartless’, to the arresting imagery of ‘Bound 2’, he’s pushed boundaries and delivered something new with every successive video.”

Does it really make sense that West will get to hold 2015’s Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award in his hands, following the likes of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Beyoncé and many others who received it before him?

If you ask me, it totally doesn’t. And if you don’t, it still doesn’t. If we’ve come to a point where the brightest representative of music, fashion and any other form of art is Kanye West, then something’s really wrong with the world.

In any case, I would die to see Taylor Swift interrupt his acceptance speech.

The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, hosted by Miley Cyrus, will be held on 30 August 2015.


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