Taylor Swift is stunning as a classic Hollywood starlet

If one knows how to make a spectacular, cinematic music video that’s definitely Taylor Swift. And if Wildest Dreams does not make you feel like a movie star in the ‘40s, then really, there’s no more to be said.

Swift premiered her new video for the single at the MTV Video Music Awards pre-show in Los Angeles on Sunday. If you ever wondered what it’s like for two actors to fall in love on set, there’s your chance to find out. I think I like Swift as a brunette and although I prefer her blonde locks, this is one hell of a sophisticated look.

Wildest Dreams, taken out of the singer’s 1989 album, has reminded me of Lana Del Rey’s music style right from the start. And perhaps, so does the video with its vintage feel. However, the song is clearly impressive in its own right. As for Taylor, she couldn’t be any more attractive, with a natural innocence that Lana, in all her decadent glory, couldn’t possibly understand.

Also, who wouldn’t adore Scott Eastwood in this clip? And did I mention I just LOVE the lyrics?

“I said ‘No one has to know what we do’
His hands are in my hair, his clothes are in my room
And his voice is a familiar sound, nothing lasts forever”


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