Gerard Way performs unreleased track

Playing live in Kiev last week, ex-My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way performed a new song, called Pinkish.

The singer, who released his debut solo album almost a year ago, has since introduced us with several tracks that were written for Hesitant Alien but, in the end, did not make the cut for the album. One of them was Don’t Try, played first in this video.

Although I love Don’t Try, I can’t say I’m too excited about Pinkish. Of course, the quality of the sound is not great, but I also feel the energy is fading at parts. What’s really surprising – and not in a good way – is the fact that Way looks a bit tired and, may I add, slightly stoned? It’s just an assumption, but, the truth is, it’s been a while since he’s looked that sluggish and kind of sad… But perhaps it’s just me.

I have to admit, though, that both of these songs don’t really relate to the rest of the Hesitant Alien material (which is probably why they weren’t included in it anyway) and they sort of remind me of the good old My Chem days; especially Don’t Try. Hopefully minus the drugs…


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