Spotify knows whether you actually discovered a band like you say you did!

I hate it when people claim to have ‘discovered’ bands way before they were famous. Maybe it’s because it sounds completely snobbish or maybe it’s because I’m slightly jealous that I will never get to use that phrase myself. (Because, dah! Haven’t you seen my Bands I know nothing about category?)

Still, it’s equally frustrating when you’re trying to convince everyone you know that you really did listen to 30 Seconds to Mars before they got that huge record deal. OK, perhaps I did discover a band but the truth is I didn’t really like them back then… – I’m sorry but Capricorn (A Brand New Name) is not much of a decent song, now, Mr. Leto, is it? Even its title suggests otherwise. And OH MY GOD, that clip!!

Anyway; for that one time when I felt infuriated after unsuccessfully trying to convince people of my ‘discovery’, and for all the dozens of times when all of you have probably experienced the same anger, Spotify has come up with a way to keep track of our ‘trophies’!

The platform’s new ‘Found Them First’ feature can really tell whether you’ve discovered any breakout artists, based on your listening habits. It will literally show that you’ve been listening to an artist longer than everyone else, or expose your sorry, snobby a** if proved otherwise. (You are so busted…)

So can you handle the shame? Or is it time to revel in your pretentiousness? (Hey, no judgement, I promise!) Find out here


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