Lady Gaga addresses campus sexual assault in new clip

Lady Gaga has revealed her serious side on many occasions and this time, she decided to address an issue that’s very often overlooked: campus sexual assault.

Rape in college is a common theme in campus parties, especially in the US. The music video for her song, Til It Happens To You, is really inspiring, responding to an urgent need for action and providing victims with a sense of understanding. Gaga also expressed her support through Twitter, saying that a portion of the proceeds will go to survivors’ organisations.

The film is extremely graphic and indeed “emotionally unsettling”, as stated in its beginning. It’s really hard to watch these scenes without feeling sick to your stomach and we should all applaud Gaga’s boldness to show the real face of the situation. In 2014, the singer had also revealed that she’d been raped herself by a music producer at the age of 19.

The track is heartbreaking, but at the same time powerful, and once you watch the video, it can, sadly, never be unseen… Actress Nikki Reed is also a nice addition to it.


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