Leo is engaged so apparently the world is coming to an end

Image courtesy of Flickr
Image courtesy of Danilla, Flickr

Did you hear about the asteroid that almost hit the earth on Saturday? Well, it might as well have, because I can’t imagine a world where Leonardo DiCaprio is married. Not because I don’t want him to (that would be crazy, right?), but because it makes no sense!

The actor is known to be a sworn bachelor, forever dating models, one after the other. He didn’t even marry Gisele Bündchen, with whom he had an on-off relationship for five years – probably his longest one to date.

So how come he’s now ready to take the next step with model Kelly Rohrback? Let’s not comment on the fact that she’s a model, because of course she is. Yet again, it seems things are more serious now.

According to OK! magazine’s source, “She shares his passion for tackling social issues like global warming and world poverty. They connect on an intellectual level, which is new for him. She’s much more than a pretty face.”

Well, if they do go through with these plans, there might not be a world for them to save; just saying.


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