Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie talk about their marriage and new movie ‘By the Sea’ on ‘Today’

It’s been nearly a month now that I’ve been reading interviews and features about Angelina Jolie and, I must admit, I am starting to develop a new-found appreciation for the actress.

Jolie is about to release a new film, directed and written by her, where she’s also starring alongside her husband, Brad Pitt. The newlyweds discussed the making of By the Sea, as well as Jolie’s health issues and their general dynamic as a couple, with Tom Brokaw.

The interview, which aired on Today, is very heartfelt and inspiring; it’s pretty amazing seeing two super-famous actors such as themselves beeing so down to earth and humane, unlike many of their fellow celebrities.

Furthermore, Jolie’s philanthropic action is well known, and her recent interview to Vogue’s Elizabeth Rubin is even more eye-opening in terms of what’s she’s willing to and capable of offering to the world – a detailed and poweful feature that’s definitely worth the read.

Inspiring people to make a change, as opposed to all of those who couldn’t care less about making a difference, is probably what makes those two stand out.

* By the Sea is due for release in the UK on 11 December 2015.


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