Alanis Morissette performs an “updated” version of ‘Ironic’

Alanis Morissette celebrated the 20th anniversary of her Jagged Little Pill album with the reissue of the iconic record, as well as a number of live performances and tributes.

But it seems that the good old Ironic, one of the most successful singles of the album, is not really in tune with our social media-driven world! That’s why Morissette sort of updated the track’s lyrics and performed a new, slightly weird, version of it on the The Late Late Show, with the help of James Corden.

I admit that the Tinder, Facebook and Snapchat references were pretty entertaining! However, I will always love Ironic just the way it is. Now let’s remember the 1996 original version, along with some of Jagged Little Pill’s other hits.


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