Katy Perry reveals new holiday song and it’s… nothing new

I’m always down with everything Katy Perry does, simply because I love her music – and her cool attitude. But let’s face it, this new H&M ad is not what we would have hoped for.

The singer collaborated with the brand on a campaign, which also features her new holiday song. Every day is a Holiday is your average Christmas tune, the one you’re casually singing along to, while you’re shopping for gifts. And I’m not saying this is a bad thing.

Nevertheless, I would expect something way more fun and glamorous from Perry. Sure, the ad is full of colours and glitter and fairy Katy spreading the love; somehow, though, it still isn’t enough, once you’ve seen what she’s capable of.

As much as I love H&M and find this pairing exciting, the only two things not looking – or sounding – tacky here are the clothes and model Sean O’Pry. (In case you’re wondering who that shirtless guy on top of the car is, take a look at Taylor Swift’s Blank Space.)

All in all, I feel like I needed more from Katy and frankly, from my Christmas. If I’m going to replace Mariah Carey with someone else, it better be worth it! And that’s not.


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