The Killers reveal new Christmas song – time to decorate the tree

I think there comes a point for everyone each year when they realise that Christmas is here and that they should finally start decorating.

For me, that moment is when I listen to a new Christmas song by the Killers! The band have been releasing one since 2005 and it seems the world can’t get enough. Obviously, they’re not your typical ‘sleigh bell songs’, which is what makes them so special in the first place.

Dirt Sledding has now been added to the unofficial ‘Santa Trilogy’ (after Don’t Shoot Me Santa and I Feel It in My Bones), as the 10th installment overall in a series of some very alternative, slightly kooky, but always fine Christmas tunes.

My favourite one has to be Don’t Shoot Me Santa, although this one is even crazier and perhaps more festive. Of course, Ryan Pardey stars again as the weird Santa we’ve all loved.

(Also, whoever tells me what’s wrong with Brandon Flowers’ hair for the past year or so, I’ll be happy to send them a Christmas gift.)

* The Killers donate the proceeds of all their Christmas singles to the Global Fund to fight AIDS.


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