Julianne Moore will act for you for a dollar

Who needs Spider-Man or Elmo when they’ve got Julianne Moore? Obviously, no one, and that’s exactly what Billy Eichner tried to prove during an episode of Billy on the Street.

The host wanted to convince New Yorkers that Julianne Moore’s acting is worth their money, way more than any other costumed character in Times Square does. And so the actress was more than happy to perform some of her most famous movie scenes on the street for only a dollar!

As I expected, she was perfect at doing so, and I especially loved her Magnolia scene. However, I am really sad for that tourist who could not understand the language and was genuinely worried when Moore started crying.

One thing’s for sure; Julianne Moore is a natural redhead! Hear that, Elmo? Also, “F**k Spider-Man!” (Not the ‘real’ one, we love him.)


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