Ryan Gosling is obsessed with Santa in latest SNL episode

Ryan Gosling hosted Saturday Night Live yesterday and the episode was full of Christmas spirit and, as always, funny sketches.

My favourite one was the ‘Santa Baby’ bit, where Gosling and fellow actress Vanessa Bayer pretended to be a weird couple completely in love with Santa. Yes, that’s right; with each other, of course, but also with Santa!

Their obsession was expressed in a very creepy, sexual and, yet, super hilarious way. The couple totally lost it when they thought they could meet Santa at their neighbours’ house and all kinds of craziness followed.

Both actors are extremely funny and they do seem perfect for each other as the halves of this insane couple! Gosling proved once more that he’s talented in any role, be it drama or comedy.

“How the f**k did Santa get here, David? David! Use your head!” Priceless.


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