Demi Lovato braves the cold in new video

Recently, I realised that I have a new-found appreciation for Demi Lovato and her vocal skills! With a fancy new hairstyle and, basically, a whole new identity, the singer looks and sounds more confident than ever, just like her latest album, Confident, suggests.

But while I loved the title-track, as well as Cool for the Summer that followed, the third single off the album is the one that amazed me the most. Stone Cold reveals Lovato’s powerful voice in all its raw beauty, backed up by the song’s heartbreaking lyrics.

The frosty scenery of the music video highlights the theme of the track and lets the singer’s amazing vocals shine. “If happy is her, I’m happy for you” really says it all and the fact that she’s climbing this snowy mountain all by herself makes it sound even more painful.

And let’s not forget Lovato’s collaboration with Fall Out Boy last month on the rendition of the band’s Irresistible single, where she was simply stunning. This girl is on fire!


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