Adele goes home with four Brits, is definitely 2016’s star

When Adele got to win four awards at last night’s Brit Awards I can’t say I was surprised. Obviously, 25 has been a late-2015 treat that keeps on giving. After four years of absence, the singer has offered us a gem and the industry, just like us, couldn’t be happier.

The most surprising about all this is that Adele is still humble and super-appreciative of the fact that people are embracing her work and have kept their faith in her after all these years. And, honestly, how couldn’t they? When talent meets such a lovely personality, everyone takes a bow.

So when the singer took to the stage to receive her third Brit for the night, the Global Success Award (which was introduced by astronaut Tim Peake!), she said in between tears, “I got really lost for a while. I didn’t know if I’d ever come back and for you all to be so kind to me, it’s so nice.”

The highlight of the night was Adele’s as-always impeccable performance of When We Were Young, one of my favourite tracks off the album. You can watch the video below, as well as all of her acceptance speeches at the Brits here


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