Why Leo should have won that Oscar for any other film

I’ll just say this right from the start so that I don’t get misunderstood later on; I love Leonardo DiCaprio and I always have, so, please, excuse me should you find the views expressed in this post slightly biased!

Love or no love aside, there is no doubt Leo is a good actor. Even if you’re not so much of a fan yourselves, it’s pretty hard to deny the fact that this man has acted his heart out in so many outstanding films. And believe me, I’m always the first one to get bored with some of his not-so-worthy film and character choices.

Did I hate The Aviator? Sure. But did I love how he portrayed the psychotic Howard Hughes in all his depressively insane glory? Of course I did; which is why I wondered, like many others, why this impeccable performance was not enough to grant him the Oscar back in 2005.

Then of course, he was also nominated for Blood Diamond in 2007 and The Wolf of Wall Street in 2014. I get it; Matthew McConaughey was exquisite in the Dallas Buyers Club, but didn’t you see how Leo literally crawled all the way to his car, people? Are you serious? Let me remind you:

I loved every minute of that film, not only because of its ingenious black humour, but mostly because of Leo’s impressive acting. Still, it was not enough for the Academy! And what about 1993’s What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? Sure, DiCaprio was too young, but this was one truly unforgettable performance, which even managed to overshadow a young then Johnny Depp.

But let’s leave those five Oscar nominations aside (including that of Best Picture for The Wolf of Wall Street). What about all those other films when the Academy didn’t even bother to nominate him? Like that time when he stooped as low as possible to pay for his dose in The Basketball Diaries? Or when the whole cast of Titanic got to know what it feels like to be nominated, but him! Or when he fought with sharks at a secluded island?

How about all that running from Tom Hanks, which only left him empty-handed? Or when he mercilessly went to war with every gang that ever existed in New York? Or that time he totally mistreated Kate Winslet but somehow made us respect him for bringing this super-complicated, miserable man to life? And do not tell me Shutter Island did not give you the creeps!

As you might have guessed I can go on forever. But it’s only natural; check out his wiki page and you will find out that the man has gathered 45 awards out of 161 nominations, at the age of 41! And you’re telling me that six Oscar nominations was the best that the Academy could do? Well, the memes that kept on appearing each time he didn’t win will tell you that the struggle was real!



But there’s no need to feel disheartened here. All Leo needed to do was simply fight with a bear, endure sub-zero temperatures, eat raw liver and disembowel a dead horse before stepping inside of it for warmth and comfort. Ahhh… The Revenant! What a true joy this film was! I’d say he ‘pulled an Aviator’ with that one! Great acting, overly cruel but slightly dull film. And yet, he did it.

So yes, those stupid critics who call themselves an ‘Academy’ had no other choice but finally give him an Oscar this year. And while I cannot deny his perfect acting once again, I keep wondering; in a universe where Jennifer Lawrence wins Best Actress for her Silver Linings Playbook performance, does Leo have to practically become a survivor to take one home? Apparently so.

You know what? It doesn’t matter. As a true Leo fan, I will always love him for his persistence, his passion for cinematography and his devotion to the environment. No awards could really honour all that he has offered us so far and he is humble enough to address the more important things in life, even during his acceptance speech for his first Oscar.

Again, though, how is this even possible?


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