Against The Current deserve to be… current!

It’s rare to find a decent female-fronted band these days, so when I came across Against The Current, I was curious to see if they’d be worth my time. I’ve only listened to a couple of songs so far but I’m already convinced!

The band will be releasing their debut album, In Our Bones, on 20 May through Fueled By Ramen. Apart from the fact that this label is responsible for many of my favourites like Paramore, Fall Out Boy and twenty one pilots, Against The Current’s new single is all the proof one needs.

Running With The Wild Things is dynamic and fun, while frontwoman Chrissy Costanza sounds like a beautiful cross between Paramore’s Hayley Williams and Flyleaf’s Lacey Sturm; which can only mean great music! For something even more inspiring check out an older gem, Outsiders.

So watch this space and “open the gates, open the gates”!

P.S. I just love Costanza’s style – sometimes a little goth goes a long way…


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